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13 yr old Girl needs to lose weight fast?

My cousin is 13. She weighs 143 She needs to lose a few (20 or so) pounds within 1 month. She has tried to diet but we all know how hard that can be. So are there any yoga excercies or anything that she could do daily to get this? She wants a shaper Butt and thighs too. (She 13, I dont understand either.) But how can she get this goal without a MAJOR diet?

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One Response to “13 yr old Girl needs to lose weight fast?”

  1. Waq said :

    Quit snacking in between meals. Do not fall for snacks in between meals. This is especially true for those who have to travel a lot. They feel that the only time they can get a bite to eat is snacks and junk food. The main problem with most snacks and junk food is that they are usually less filling and contain a lot of fat and calories. Just think about French fries tempting but terribly fattening.


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