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(10 points!!!!!!!!!!!) any good?

Interval training methods for weightloss out there?
any websites or can someone give me one?
i want a running/sprinting/jogging one that is for about a half hour and that i can see major fatloss results thanks
nothing rude please

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5 Responses to “(10 points!!!!!!!!!!!) any good?”

  1. Chloe Davies said:
  2. Shawna Kilpatrick said:

    I always find very useful information on

  3. Magic said:

    woww tohfa

  4. myphonealmostdied said:

    run 2 miles jog 4 and sprint half a lap at a track and spread it out for a week

  5. Andrew Martin said:

    HIIT in general is really good man. (High intensity interval training)

    Jog for 5-6 minutes as a warm up, then sprint at full speed for 15-30 seconds, then walk (or jog if you’re experienced) for 45-60 seconds. Try to make the workout last 20-30 minutes. HIIT is thought to both burn alot of calories during the workout and that it burns even more later in the day when your body is recovering from it.

    Good luck!


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